Thursday, June 06, 2013

Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Seriously. Spoiler warning.
LIARS! Ever since the last Star Trek movie the writers have been saying that this next movie would have a classic Trek villain, but it wouldn't be Kahn. Now, I love me some Kahn and wouldn't mind seeing him in another movie. But don't go telling me it's going to be Gorn or Gary Mitchell (who was my guess) or anyone but Kahn and then give us Kahn anyway. 

OK, fine I'm over that. 

"Star Trek into Darkness" is a good action movie. But it's not Star Trek. In Star Trek you're supposed to come away with a feel good feeling about the future of humanity. You don't get that here. Instead you get a rip off of a good Star Trek movie and a weak sub-plot or two about friendship. There's plot holes, dialog issues, gratuitous underwear scenes, unconvincing deaths, PROBLEMS. 

But I don't want to say it's a bad movie. It annoyed me a lot for a number of reasons, but if it were called "Adventure of a Spaceman" I'd like it more. As far as action movies go it's just fine. but I will not be getting it on DVD. 

One more spoiler. The next movie will not be called "Search for Kirk."

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amj523 said...

The neatly packaged resurrection of Kirk was a loser. Khan should have gotten away and then they could have had the next movie be "The Search for Khan" so that his blood could save Kirk's life. And of course, Spock would have to choose whether to violate the Prime Directive in order to do so.

Don't get me started on the Enterprise with "no gravity" being a rolling barrel of gravity.