Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Not so Yummy

Yummy and I broke up.

This is on me. We've known from the beginning that she wanted a kid and I didn't. But neither of us had dated much so we decided to see how it went. "Good night. Sleep well. I'll most likely break up with you in the morning." Or however the line goes.

Some of my previous relationships had a crisis point. Should she move to DC to be with me or Chicago to be with friends and job opportunities. Things like that. But we weren't going to have a crisis point. We could both keep on with life as usual putting off the decision for years. Then one day we'd realize it's too late for her to have a kid. I didn't want that to happen.

Why now? This has clearly been an issue for awhile. Why, after four and a half years? Well, I sorta signed up to go to Mars without telling her. When she found out, that led to the talk.

And it pointed out some of my own issues. Despite the four girlfriends I've had the ages spent single and the countless rejections left me with psychological scars and patterns that leave me thinking of myself as single even after all this time in a relationship.

It's a civil breakup. No broken dishes or screaming. I'm still taking care of her birds.

So if there's any single fellas in the DC/Baltimore/Frederick area who are looking for a pretty SWF who wants one child you should get in touch. She's one of the least crazy girls you'll meet in this area.


amj523 said...

You have seen Star Trek Into Darkness, haven't you, Spock? Or is that Big Bang Season 5, Wolowitz?


I'm sorry that what seemed like a totally awesome relationship has ended for both of you.

Ibid said...

Spock. Original series.

William Stachour said...

Sorry to you both. These things cannot be made to not suck. Hope everyone emerges on the other side in good order.