Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Links: June 28

Hammocks may help people sleep. [link]
Good. I'm gonna set mine up in the basement where it's cooler.

15 ways to improve neighborhood unity. [link]
Maybe in a yuppie neighborhood. I was already planning a little library in Westport.
And I guess I'm hoping to get others to use the plants I'm sticking in some of the empty yards. 

Game: Don't Escape - Make sure you can't escape the cabin. [link]

Game: Ninja Miner - leap through the caves gathering jewels and keys. [link]

The long lost Bob from Accounting commercial for Magic: The Gathering.


I need about 20 of these to put around the neighborhood this Halloween.

A mind puzzle a day site. [link]

Do you remember a cartoon about a kid who turns into a car? There's a video to refresh your memory and an animation here to show what that would actually look like. [link]

An underground RV park in Kansas. [link]

The Atlas of True Names is a map with the literal translations of places. [link]

Cross sections of some pretty scary bullets. [link]

A free NSA-proof font. [link]

Just a pretty kinetic sculpture.

Dim lighting improves creativity. [link]
I have to assume that the lighting makes you think you're less visible to others and more free to think and act out of the norm. Similar to how the anonymity of the internet makes people bigger jerks.

Woman catches baby falling from fire escape. [link]

Map of Tweet metadata shows what neighborhoods have what phones and the socioeconomic implications. [link]

We're leaving $7 billion worth of equipment in Afghanistan to avoid spending $14 billion to ship it back here. [link]
Might I suggest that we help someone set up a place to recover scrap metal and leave the stuff with them? Help build an industry, maybe recover some of our money, and make the metal useful to their economy rather than just rusting hulks that we'll be seeing photos of in 20 years. 

Really just one picture. Look at what makes the dividing lines. [link]

Game: Daymare Cat - Find and play all the records to get out of the building. [link]

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