Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Links: June 14

In light of recent events, They Might Be Giants has a ringtone for you.

Tornado mod for Minecraft.

RFK Jr is an anti-vaccination loon. [link]

Regional dialect survey. [link]

Town in Spain mails unscooped poop to owners. [link]

Prosthetic fingers for former Yakuza. [link]

He gave up a $200K job in Hawaii and a ballerina wife for a life in exile. That's how much he loves his country. [link]

Bridesmaid required to get a date. So she gets the most inappropriate one she can find off Craigslist. [link]

How common is your birthday? [link]

Reinvented wheel. [link]

The lie of "Right to work". [link]

Timelapse footage of a supercell. [link]

"Fun" with Texas gun laws. [link]

What happens to CEOs who refuse to cooperate with the NSA. [link]

The untold horrible truth about running. [link]

How to use the internet without Prism (posted without reading... yet) [link]

"You are the worst person I've ever interviewed." [link]

What happens to women denied abortions? [link]

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