Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Links: June 21

I'd heard that without human controls cauliflower would turn back into broccoli. Turns out broccoli is engineered from kale. [link]

For your guinea pig. [link]
Don't try to tell me you don't have a guinea pig. I know better! 

Important tip: messages in bottles need to float. [link]

Ford turns test driving over to self driving systems. [link]
Once I can get a self driving car... that's when I trade up.

Amusing for about a minute.

The Supreme Court agrees on something. [link]

Cat and a soda can. Watch to the end. Or skip to it.

Budgies running in slow motion.

This action movie tribute video doesn't make me nearly as happy as the sci-fi video done to Starships that I posted a few weeks ago. But I think they did a great job.

Doing cufflinks right. [link]

Early wind tunnel pics. [link]

Inside a well preserved fallout shelter. [link]

A Moray Eel that loves being pet.

A paintin' typewriter. [link]

25 things learned from closing a bookstore. [link]

Time to plan a road trip to Pittsburg. They're going to have a massive rubber ducky! [link]

America's 50 most thieving charities. [link]

How that one guy in that one video ran up a lava flow. [link]

Jimmy Hoffa's body may soon be found. [link]

Papercraft person and organs. [link]

Dissection video table.

A brief history of Vespa design. [link]

Why planes don't try faster. [link]

New elevator cable tech may allow mile high buildings. [link]

We've all seen the robot dog/horse. Here's a new robot cat.

Things learned from a Q/A with Edward Snowden. [link]

The Daily Show talks about Christian oppression.

A town in Borneo used an orangutan as a prostitute. [link]

The most valuable substance ever... if we can figure out how to make it. [link]

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