Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday Links: June 7

Recovery of ancient Egyptian city. [link]

A recent Q&A on Twitter with Richard Thompson. [link]

"It's Not About the Nail"

White House to try to address the patent troll issue. [link]

Where we lived in Pangea. [link]

Homemade fried ice cream. [link]
I doubt my freezer's ability to get the ice cream cold enough.

Canine toy critic.

Now you know before hand whether the dog in that movie you're thinking about dies or not. [link]

Cheerios ad summons bigots for showing a mixed heritage family. [link]

New genetics screening service shows some brothers and sisters aren't really siblings. [link]

12 technologies that just won't die. [link]

Sculpting robot.
Mataerial Introduction from Mataerial on Vimeo.

Possibly the first bird. [link]

Roomba circa 1959. [link]

What atheists see in nature. [link]

Why Finnish babies sleep in boxes. [link]

Survey answers about politics change when money is on the line. [link]

The difference between geek and nerd. [link]

10 species announced in 2012. [>link]

Article about the rise of suicides in recent decades. But also have a look at the windows in the page that reveal stationary pictures behind the page. [link]

More giant naked people from Ron Mueck. [link]

Excel art. [link]

The charts say life is getting better. [link]

Art under an overpass. [link]

Maybe they did find Amelia Earhart after all. [link]

Wearable and eatable tech. [link]

Best commencement speeches of the year. [link]
Hell no I didn't watch all that. I didn't even attend my own college graduation! But I skimmed the text.

We're not as good looking as we think. [link]
Not true. I can't possibly be as bad looking as I think.

80% of donated clothes goes to recycling. [link]

5 unexpected diet foods. [link]

Years ago I read an article about the efforts to make Superman 5 and why they all failed. The article was pulled and appeared to have vanished. I tried several times over the years to find it. But my lackey at work found it in the comments of another page. Good work, Lackey. [link]

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