Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Links: May 31

The collapse of railroad tracks that have caught fire.

Shotgun cane. [link]

Life size Lego X-Wing. [link]
Kind of a cheat since they use enlarged Legos.

"DJ, Play My Song (No, Leave Me Alone)"

Then the DJ shouldn't have made that deal.

The story of research about drug addiction in rats. Social rats don't need the drugs. [link]

Pope retracts statement that good atheists can be saved. [link]

Fantastic home plate coverage gif. [link]

More about the garden pool I posted awhile back. [link]

The financial problems with living in Silicon Valley with kids. [link]

Words the English language owes to India. [link]

A lot of military bases are named for people who don't really deserve it. [link]

Sarcastic advice to questions that shouldn't have been asked. [link]

"I wasn't actually sleeping, I'm a beta tester for Google Eyelids." - Morgan Freeman

50 common misquotations.

America stands out as a rich country where it's citizens can't afford food. [link]

An annotated and corrected script for a new anti-Wikileaks movie. [link]

PBS felt forced to cancel a documentary about the attack on collective bargaining in Wisconsin. Here the film makers talk about the film and it's cancellation. [link]

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