Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The trees of knowledge and life

I'm not overly impressed with angels. I love the wings and the power and the four faces, but they seem to be very simple minded. Each one has only one purpose, one thing they can do. There's messengers, warriors, healers, musicians... really, they do about everything, but only one thing each. The messengers can't mow the lawn, for example. An angel is an app on your phone where a human is a whole program on your computer.

It occurred to me the other day that they may be the result of what happens when you eat the fruit of the Tree of Life. You may recall that the Garden of Eden had a couple of forbidden trees. One was the Tree of Knowledge. The other was the Tree of Life. One would give us the intelligence of God, or at least as much as we have now. The other would have made us immortal.

Immortality typically comes with one major drawback. You become a fixed point. You can't change. You can't learn from your mistakes. You can't grow and become a better person. You're stuck. And I think that's what happened to the angels. Humans ate from the Tree of Knowledge while the angels ate from the Tree of Life.

Perhaps God ate from both and that's how he became God.

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Anonymous said...

Very deep thought.