Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Links: February 21

When a forensic scientist gets a bottle of crystal skull vodka. [link]

The plane at the bottom of Lake Mead in Fallout: New Vegas is based on a real plane. [link]
I knew it was, but I couldn't find anything on it before. 

For playing James Bond, Daniel Craig now gets to walk into the factory and drive off with any Aston Martin at any time. [link]

Science fiction writers deliberately created the worst book ever. [link]

Heating Kooshes. [link]

Recent advance in fusion technology yields more energy than it uses. [link]

Experiments in returning animals to areas they've been wiped out. [link]

World's smallest engine could run a watch for two years on a drop of lighter fluid. [link]

This is a nifty door, but it doesn't accomplish most of what I want a door for.

10 people who performed surgery on themselves. [link]

ALL Legos are girl Legos. [link]

Canadian-only beer fridge. [link]

AA is 75 years old. Too bad it doesn't work. [link]

Where should you live to get a job in your field? [link]

Snowboarding behind a Jeep.

Hieronymus Bosch's butt music. [link]

The first Porsche. [link]

Former Jersey mayor knows why the state is so corrupt. [link]

Goats playing on a flexible steel sheet.

Another ISS tracker. [link]

Time lapse of Earth through the seasons as seen from space. [link]

What's worse for a football player? Being gay or being smart? [link]

Problems you've never considered: How to castrate a hippo. [link]

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