Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Links: February 28

Gold isn't just from fusion inside a star. It's from neutron stars colliding. [link]

Four ways Penn Jillette hurt himself. [link]

Seven stories of animal suicides. [link]

AC/DCs Thunderstruck performed by 2Cellos.

Ghostbuster mod to a kid's car. [link]
Note The Stig helmet in the background.

Screech owl taking a bath and getting dried.

Geeky rings. [TARDIS] [Enterprise]

Heroes is coming back. [link]
I'm not sure how good an idea that is. But I'll watch it.

Wolverine's Cat.

A war picture that doesn't get shown much in the United States. [link]

Man commits suicide by guillotine. [link]

Republican expressly calls a pregnant woman a "host". [link]

Uranus may have swapped places with Neptune and both formed closer to the Sun. [link]

Denmark's energy needs were completely met by wind for 90 hours. [link]

Inventory robots in action.

Lobbyist is trying to make a name for himself by drafting a doomed bill to ban gays from the NFL. [link]

30 healthy human children born with 3 parents. [link]

Engineering a sun on Earth. [link]

The Governor of Arizona did veto this bill. [link]

43% drop in obesity rates for 2-5 year olds. [link]

Why hot sauce feels hot. [link]

Do invertebrates feel pain? [link]

The history of the area code. [link]

The first railroad locomotive. [link]

Explaining the wall of text at the bottom of movie posters. [link]

Creepy wood carvings. [link]

Honeycomb used in sculpture. [link]

The original locations of famous restaurants. [link]

US Olympians are taking home stray dogs. [link]

Olympian films a possible wolf in the hall. [link]

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