Friday, February 14, 2014

Friday Links: February 14

In honor of all the single people out there I'd like to wish you all a Happy Fuck Off And Die Day.

A tortoise who adopted a hippo. [link]

When markets regulate themselves. [link]

Using a quadrotor with a camera to inspect a sinkhole under the Corvette museum.

Cat trying to apologize.

Proposed sea research vessel that I'm not sure how to describe in a blurb. [link]

What movies think music will sound like in the future. [link]

A terribly impractical, but kind fun tricycle.

Man to be buried on his motorcycle. [link]
I'm thinking he hopes to come back as Ghost Rider. 

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 lives on in novels. But, apparently, the station got destroyed and the Federation rebuilt it. But to make sure the novels all still describe the same station and the cover artists get it right, a new one had to be designed. Here it is. [link]

You can pre-order Doctor Who season 8. And the reviews are great. [link]

Ice-T recorded a Dungeons and Dragons audiobook. He says it's impossible to read. [link]

Leonard Nimoy has lung disease. [link]

Reading Facebook is depressing. [link]

Read the next to last paragraph under the header "Korean War". [link]

A strategy guide for Life. [link]

Adorable animal buddies. [link]

Creepy statue outside a women's college. [link]

The dog as therapy tool. [link]

If you were stranded on an island what books would you want with you? [link]

Clint Eastwood gave someone the Heimlich Maneuver. [link]

Lion eating primates. [link]

An amazing turn around at a pit stop.

Movies get the oriental art treatment. [link]

Jobs only common in romantic movies. [link]

Walking a tightrope between hot air balloons. [link]
There's a reason they call it a TIGHT rope. 

The guys who were walking to the South Pole and back have made it back. [link]

How the NSA helps mark assassin drone targets. [link]

The earliest extra-Africa human footprints found in England. [link]

Inside a Viking tool chest. [link]

Human flesh font. [link]

Pop culture peanut art. [link]

Video of Muhammad Ali talking down a suicide jumper.

Silent footage of the bombing of Nagasaki.

Creative (and oft unsuccessful) riding of a BMX bike.

How the police use a camera that can see 25 square miles at a time. [link]

Dear Lisa Is A Slut.... [link]

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