Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Jumping the gun

Progress on the house comes along bit by bit. There's weeks where I just can't get motivated to do anything. It's all sanding and plastering and more sanding and more plastering. I've got one wall that covered in nearly 100 year old plaster that has cracked and pitted and had huge holes torn out by nails made by a blacksmith. And it looks amazing. It really does. So long as you don't turn on a bright light at a sharp angle. Then you can see all the remaining issues. And there's the places where the plaster meets the brick so there's highly irregular edges to connect and smooth while keeping the plaster off the brick as best as I can. That blows.

With that said, Monday night I picked colors for the room and painted the ceiling.

That doesn't mean that the mudding is done. It just means the ceiling is done. Including that colliding with the bricks stuff I mentioned. One window has the reinforcing for the corners in place and all the mudding done to conceal those. The other window just has the reinforcing in place. I need to ladle some more mud on that. And clean up around where the radiator pipes come out of the wall.

The previously mentioned 100 year old plaster really does look good. One more truly dedicated pass and it'll be as good as I can make it and better than most professionals would try for.

But I needed to paint. I'm getting close to done and I'm ready to be done. So I needed something to paint. More painting is needed, but I was allowed to do this much now. And this means I can put the blades on my ceiling fan today.

In the library, the two walls I've been recovering are mudded and cleaned up. I just need to finish where they meet the connecting walls. Detail work, really. And then I gotta rebuild the moulding along the floor. Then get rid of the bags of debris again. But a free dumpster will be in the neighborhood in about a week so I can get rid of the plaster debris then.

If I get motivated I'll put in the door this week, too.

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