Wednesday, February 19, 2014

No Signal

My new PS4 got delivered yesterday. I had noted a few months ago that there wasn't the usual hullabaloo about PS4s and XBoxes that you normally get at Christmas following their release. It seemed odd. But, having looked at the pathetic offerings available for the PS4 I couldn't really blame people for not wanting them. Most of the interesting stuff is only available for pre-order. I got the PS4 to play Thief 4 when it comes out. They'd better not disappoint me.

So, it came yesterday. I hooked it up, configured it, made sure Netflix worked, found out YouTube doesn't, downloaded a free pinball game, and then tried to play a BluRay disc. Once I told it to play the screen went dark and I got a "No Signal" message. I rebooted the system and did it again. "No Signal". I made sure the system was fully up to date. It was. What about a DVD? Same issue. "No Signal".

I checked the forums. Apparently this was a problem with the early PS4s, but has been fixed... at least for the DVDs. Some BluRays are still an ongoing problem.

From what I can tell Sony needs to offer an full recall on PS4s as well as personal apologies to everyone who has fallen for their trap. Don't get me wrong, everyone at Microsoft needs to commit seppuku as well, but that was true long before the latest XBox release.

I contacted Sony and they were helpful. We spent awhile reinitializing and putting it through the paces. They're sending me a box so I can send the PS4 back for them to check out for free. No shipping or anything.

Even so, Thief 4 better be damn good.

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