Friday, February 07, 2014

Friday Links: February 7

360° pop-up books. [link]

Science based cast iron seasoning. [link]

How long it takes to form different element in a star. [link]

The vending machine lobby keeps the 1 dollar bill from changing. [link]

Gotta love Biden. [link]

How's your vocabulary? [link]

Costco vs Walmart: How long to earn a living wage? [link]

A model 777 made from manila folders. [link]

Interactive ocean current map. [link]

Chemical light art. [link]

Embroidered metal. [link]

Aquarium landscaping. [link]

Peanut butter and jellyfish. [link]

Confessions of a TSA screener. [link]

No prosecutions for the dozens of bodies found buried outside a boys school in Florida. [link]

Testing urine as possible fertilizer. [link]

Hotels around the Olympics have some issues. [link]

Medical actors. [link]

Yep. The oceans are warming. No surprise there. [link]

Why are there so many rapes in Alaska? [link]

Russell Brand's struggle with not using drugs. [link]

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