Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sony PS4 misfortunes

Back in 2004 I bought my last Windows machine. The games Thief 3 and Doom 3 came out right about the same time and I wanted to play them. Doom 3 was disappointing. Thief 3 was much more interesting and creepy. Doom 3 was extremely dark and the game was all about barely seen things coming at you from the dark as you moved along a preset route with some brief detours. But you were well armed and got to gun down everything that moved. Thief 3 gave you more freedom to pick your path and how you accomplish your job. But you were significantly worse armed. Your job is to sneak around and take things without being seen. Part of the fear that Thief gives that Doom doesn't comes from the need to go unseen and your helplessness. The audio effects add a need for periodic underwear changes, too.

The Thief series of games are about the only ones that Gandolf enjoys watching me play. She sits on my shoulder, pays close attention, and makes comments. Such as when I cut a corner too close and knocked a crate to make it splinter on the cobblestones. We heard a guard around the corner say "Whose making all that noise?" Gandolf's response was "Perhaps a birdie!" And when when we encountered the big pink fireball throwing monster near the end of the game I said "Holy..." and she finished "...ass."

I've been waiting for 10 years for Thief 4. I expected it to justify my next purchase of a Windows machine. But this time they've released Thief for the console. I used it to justify the purchase of a Playstation 4. It's also the first game that I've pre-ordered. I wanted the DLC (downloadable content) that the pre-order got me. But the PS4, when hooked up couldn't play a DVD or BluRay disc. The screen just went black. It was a new system with the latest updates, so that shouldn't have been happening. I called for support and we went through a variety of system restores and initializations to no avail. So they're letting me send it back for repairs free of charge.

Yesterday, the box came for me to sent the PS4 back to Sony.
Yesterday, Thief 4 was officially released.

So I continue to wait.

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