Friday, November 29, 2013

Friday Links: November 29

J.P. Morgan tried to have a Q and A session online. They had to cancel it. [link]

Lee Harvey Oswald's pallbearers were all volunteers from the media because nobody else showed. [link]

Long but interesting article about a fight with a major "revenge porn" host. [link]

Carving a turkey with an elephant rifle.

Man dies on TV while the audience laughs. [link]

Making happier cities. [link]

What is the "nuclear option" for filibusters? [link]

Tips for poster design. [link]

How to identify artists from their paintings. [link]

Envisioning a post-antibiotic era. [link]

90 companies are responsible for 66% of all greenhouse gas emissions. [link]

When Hanukkah will cross with other holidays. [link]

Abandoned websites that still work. [link]

New British Airways billboard.

The fight to wipe out polio (and a few other successes and failures). [link]

A problem with an Xbox One stream.

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