Monday, December 02, 2013

Holiday shit list

Now that we're into the Dougmas season I should give you this years list of businesses and charities that don't deserve our money.

Hobby Lobby doesn't sell stuff for Hanukkah, because fuck Jewish people. [link 1] [link 2]

The Salvation Army steps it up this year by stating that their policy is that gays should be put to death. [link]

Chick Fil A still thinks gays are horrible and shouldn't marry.

The Christian Children's Fund refused $17,000 raised in memory of Gary Gygax (in 2008). They didn't want money donated by Dungeons and Dragons players or that was raised by selling D&D merchandise. The poor children that might be fed or provided with clean drinking water were better off hungry than fed with dirty gamer money.

I still don't know if they followed through, but Christian Charities threatened to stop providing aid in Washington, DC if they were forced to obey local anti-discrimination laws. They did stop providing support to spouses of employees when DC legalized gay marriage. They also gave all foster care duties to another organization so they'd never have to adopt out children to gay couples.

And I'm still pissed at for being patent trolls. They patented 1-click ordering back in the mid-90s despite the fact they didn't invent it and were one of several websites using it and then started attacking the other sites. It wasn't long ago they also patented social networking sites. But, I won't get on your case if you cut them some slack. The other ones, I'm going to give you a disappointed look if they see your money.

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