Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jury duty report

Never mind. I got excused from jury duty.

It's a relief. Last time I did this I was led over to another building for the jury selection and never had to return to the original courthouse. This time we stayed inside the main courthouse in a much cozier courtroom. The problem was getting into that courthouse. It's much like going through airport security, but the line is out in the cold November air instead of a warm, sheltered, airport terminal. I don't want to stand in near freezing temperatures every morning for 20 minutes. But the light shining off the ice crystals in the air over our heads was kinda pretty.

We gathered to go to the courtroom near the escalators. While waiting, some bits of plastic came flying off the bottom of one of them. When we looked closer we saw that one of the stairs had caught on the metal platform instead of sliding under it. It jammed up the escalator, but good. It was pretty impressive.

The case I would have been on was just standard criminal stuff. Some guy was allegedly selling PCP.

They now have ATMs in the courthouse where you can get your daily pay and proof of service immediately. A significant chunk of the nation's supply of one dollar bills must be in stock to keep those machines fed.

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