Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday Links: November 22

The story of the Simon's Cat creator.

Breaking Bad alternate ending from the DVD special features. [link]

MI6 hacked AlQaida's website and swapped bomb making instruction with a cupcake recipe. [link]

I never played the game Glitch, but it's creators have gone belly up and make the game public domain. You can get art and code and whatnot for yourself. [link]

Blockbuster's tombstone. [link]

Texts from Star Trek: TNG. [link]

The idea that half the brain is for logic and the other for creativity is complete and total crap. That said, enjoy this quiz about which side you use most. [link]

Competitive? Laughing? [link]

You've seen the gif, now see the commercial. Jean Claude Van Damme doing the splits between semis.

Sarah Palin as asshole of the day. [link]
Are you kidding? Only of the day? She needs her own parking spot since she's there so much.

Short news quiz. [link]
I didn't know who the blonde woman with the pale skin is. I nailed everything else. 

How to open a can without tools. [link]

In Iraq video games are about the only safe hobby. [link]

An article about self-driving cars. [link]

Speaking of self driving cars, if you haven't seen it yet, you should watch "The Great Robot Race" from Nova. [link]

A musical instrument designed by Leonardo DaVinci is played for the first time. [link]

Magpie and puppy playing.

Social media may make for worse writing, but better writers. [link]

The dispute between the Cheney sisters over gay rights. [link]

So that's what the Canadian army is for!

Well we aaaaaall shiiiiine oooon... given a long enough exposure. [link]

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