Monday, November 04, 2013

Halloween decorations

One of my earliest Halloween memories was of going next door in costume and seeing a dummy on a lawn chair with a knife in it's chest. Of course, I wasn't completely sure it was a dummy. The father of that house did creep me out so there was a very loud voice in my head saying that he'd killed someone. That's Halloween. Something scary and big candy bars. That's what you'll remember for years to come. And I try to bring that to kids on Halloween.

This year I had some workshop space so I got to work on some good decorations.

A year or two back I saw this trick for how to make decent fake intestines. Put down plastic, spray some ribbons of foam insulation like you use to seal around doors and windows, and pink spray paint.

Intestines. Or raspberry sorbet. One of the two.
Then I took the plastic from under the intestines and wrapped it around my plastic skull. A zip tie bound it to make a neck. Then a heat gun pulled the plastic tight over the skull. A few holes poked in the plastic and then hit with heat made the "flesh" look more rotten.

Pretty in pink.
Pull the plastic that hung off the skull through a shirt depicting the horrors of the 90s and cut if off at the waist. Then wad up some plastic a bit longer than sleeves. Twist the plastic more in some places than other to change the thickness of the plastic and form more realistic arm shapes within the sleeves. Any extra should be left untwisted inside the shirt to help visually connect the arm to the torso. The intestines get shoved up the bottom of the shirt.

Want some candy, little girl?
The Book Thing got picked over to give me books for children to pick over for All Hallows Read.
31 books. I threw a couple of unwanted comic books on later.
And I had candy to make sure they didn't come back and egg the house of the doof who was giving out books.

Hooligan insurance.

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