Friday, November 01, 2013

Friday Links: November 1

Game: Volt Connect 2 - similar to the game Goo. Put out creatures to connect the circuit. [link]

Game: The Word Alone - make words and push them around the board to shove off all the letters except A L O N E. [link]

Baby stick figure costume.

Sarah Palin doesn't know what Easter is. [link]

What it's like to be eaten by a hippo. [link]

The woman who has been protesting outside the White House for 30+ years. [link]

A man with two penises and an arm coming from his crotch. [link]

Book publishers stand strong against Texas state school board. [link]

Porcupines make yummy noises.

A Stargate woosh costume. [link]

Wolverine as a Disney princess. [link]

Marching band doing movie themes and formations.

Sugar doesn't make you hyper. [link]
John Williams is effectively immortal thanks to marching bands.

I need this in my house. [link]

Posted just for Batman's parents. [link]

How many countries are there?

Free art books. [link]

Monitor an unsupported 1800 mile Antarctic journey. [link]

CCTV footage of the Westgate Mall terrorists.

Oldest known creature with a face. [link]

What doctors wouldn't do. [link]

Cooperation between police and social media. [link]

Car commercial using illusions.

Clever resume. [link]

Fines for texting and driving across the country. [link]

When allies spy on allies. [link]

Everyone can be a math person. [link]

Why poor people buy pricey stuff. [link]

Modern copyright and possibly another extension. [link]

Google may be building a floating server farm. [link]
Perfect for a takeover by The PirateBay.

How to travel in time.

Reddit asks former racists why they changed their minds. [link]

Fastest archer on Earth. [link]

What guns is AlQaeda using? [link]
Some as old as 1915.

20 songs you didn't know were remakes. [link]

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