Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Movie Review: All is Lost

I recently watched the nearly-silent movie titled "All is Lost". Robert Redford plays a sailor whose ship is damaged by a drifting shipping container. The boat's taking on water, his electronics are shot, but little by little things get better... right up until the point where they get much, much worse.

"All is Lost" pulls you into the movie and makes you feel the whole thing. Even without explosions and car chases the movie keeps you in suspense almost the whole time. Even when things are going well and you start to feel hopeful and start to relax you still know there's more to come. Robert Redford silently goes about the business of trying to save his ship and supplies and his silence is what helps draw you in. You have to pay attention to what he's doing since he won't tell you. Even if he grumbled or talked to himself it would break the tension and make the audience smile. It also serves to show you how bad off he really is when he finally does break and scream out his frustrations.

I highly recommend this movie. I'll get it on DVD and probably give a few away, too.

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