Friday, November 08, 2013

Friday Links: November 8

Thomas Kinkade paintings fixed to make them good. [link] [link]

JPL's pumpkin carving contest.

Clark Kent exists in the Marvel Universe. [link]

The status of fusion energy. [link]

1896 bike path map. [link]

Kitten rental. [link]

Creepy cartoon. [link]

25 flu vaccine myths debunked. [link]

Removal of a poster shell. [link]

Texas denies former Speaker of the House a voter ID card. [link]

Interactive sea level rise map. [link]

National Geographic's much nicer maps of the same flooding. [link]

Taurid meteor showers this weekend! [link]

When a fax machine calls a voice transcription service. [link]

Water curtains over tunnels tell drivers to stop.

Town comes back from a flood after 25 years. [link]

Before there were trees there were gigantic mushrooms. [link]

Screw the article, I just like how this web page functions. [link]

Playtex made the Apollo space suits and there's a movie about it coming soon. [link]

20 popular songs that were covers. [link]

Woman falls in fountain because she's texting and then sues the mall. [link]

The Encyclopedia of American Loons. [link]

Even the NFL has a jocks vs nerds mentality. [link]

Is this a picture of something big or tiny? [link]

The western black rhino is now extinct. [>link]

The story of a fake hitman. [link]

Two planes full of sky divers crash. Check out the video. [link]

Listen to songs with certain mics dropped out. [link]

Popular Mechanics 110 best DIY tips. [link]
I remember seeing #63 on MacGyver!

Russians doing dirt mover acrobatics.

Hillary Clinton on access to abortion.

Obamacare winners and losers. [link]

Notes from the guy who invented the calendar. [link]

How romance ruined marriage. [link]

Applebees and Papa Johns are taking a beating for their Obamacare opposition. [link]

How to make monster teeth.

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