Thursday, March 17, 2011


By now you all know that the IBM supercomputer dubbed Watson won in a three day Jeopardy game. It's finally available on YouTube and is embedded below.

This game will soon be considered of historical note. You may think I'm overstating things a bit. It's not like a war or a presidential assassination. But it totally qualifies as equal or greater than Deep Thought beating David Levy in 1989 or IBM's Deep Blue beating Garry Kasparov at chess in 1997. (I'm having some issue with that later date. I could have sworn that happened before I graduated high school.) I'm sure that as soon as next year there will be programming classes teaching this game in the history portion along with Babbage's (and Lovelace's) Difference Engine, the German Enigma Machine, ENIAC, ARPAnet, and Deep Blue. The difference being that now the class will be able to watch this historical event as homework.

Day 1 part 1

Day 1 part 2

Day 2 part 1

Day 2 part 2

Day 3 part 1

Day 3 part 2

Before you go, you'll want to read Reddit's interview with Ken Jennings. The man is a riot. [link]

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