Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Links: March 25

We're gonna start with the Doctor Who this week:
Steven Moffat got his Doctor Who start writing "Curse of the Fatal Death" for Comic Relief some years back. Google it yourself. What am I your mother? He also wrote this two part mini-episode for the most recent Comic Relief. [link]

Free "Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft" for Nook, Kindle, and probably whatever else you've got. [link]

"Good Omens" is still on track to be made into a movie. Originally it was supposed to be Terry Gilliam making it, but after so many years you kind of give up on that. It's Terry Jones now. Still in the Monty Python family. And the producer has already done a great job on some of Terry Pratchett's other stuff. Even if the movie doesn't get made you REALLY want to read the book. Seriously. [link]

"The difference between me and Neil in our attitude to movie projects is that he doesn't believe they're going to happen until he's sitting in his seat eating popcorn, and I don't believe they're going to happen." - Terry Pratchett

Sarah Palin, in her efforts to make people think she's remotely competent on foreign affairs, continues to show how staggeringly stupid she is. [link]

Videos of bad ass female guitarists. [link]

The story of a Cosmonaut and his predictable but horrible death. [link]

Flying house based on the movie "Up". [link]

The Smartest Dog in the World.

Answer a few trivia questions about the National Zoo in DC and they get a dime for each one you get right. [link]

Island of the gigantic extinct fuzzy wuzzy bunny wabbits. [link]

Game: Picma Squared - a puzzle game that I'm absolute shit at. [link]

I've not played the original Duke Nukem, but the saga of developing this new game fascinates me. Fourteen years in development and counting.

Animated solar system simulation. [link]

50 unexplicable photos. [link]

Tales of animals tried for crimes. [link] loves to patent stuff they didn't make and sue others already using it. Now Apple is suing them for copyright infringement for trying to use the name "Appstore". [link]

XKCD tells you how to put the Japanese radiation in perspective. [link]

Cat Island came through the earthquake and tsunami relatively fine. In related news Japan has a cat island. [link]

That's a bloody lot of hops. [link]

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