Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Links: March 18

The Demo Knight - a Dark Knight trailer starring characters from Team Fortress 2.

Mimes that aren't mute. They just don't make sense.

Important wetware patch. [link]

CNN reporter in Japan can feel the Earth, move, under his feet. He feels the sky come tumbling down, tumbling down.

Some places in Japan got a 1 minute warning before the quake. How? Something a bit like this. [link]

How oil became known as a "fossil fuel".

I was gonna try something like this. But it was a C17 and I was gonna convert it to a home on the planes of Kansas. [link]

Ammunition insects. [link]

There's no argument possible to claim that this pharmaceutical company is motivated by anything but greed. [link]

Printable bike. [link]

"Bike" run by electric screwdrivers. [link]

Awesome new stamps from the Royal Mail. [link]

Owl wants to look at you.

Insane asylum floor plans. [link]

Minecraft chickens: are they a particle or a wave?

Here's a better explanation of what you're seeing in the previous video.

The Enterprise NCC-1701-A full Minecraft tour.

Material store for inventors. [link]

Batman: Arkham City trailer. Still with Kevin Conroy as Bats and Mark Hamill as Mr. J. The only Batman and Joker voice, in my opinion.

Marble machine with interchangeable parts.

PonyCraft 2

Interview with the guy who was Tweeting as Rahm Emanuel. I think I'll have to read his archive. [link] [the archive]

More poems by cats. [link] [even more]

Roll up any website in a Katamari. [link]

Photo history of Discovery. [link]

Great website for inventors. [link]

If you've played "Portal" you already know why you need to buy "Portal 2". If you haven't then this trailer should explain why.

Dr Who Fan Service:
Saturday, April 23!!! Ah, ah, ah. Spoilers.

Enter your homemade TARDIS into a competition. [link]
Or just look at the other entries. [link]

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Scott said...

You have inspired me to buy The Orange Box so I can play Portal. I loved Half Life 2. Hopefully it is as good on the XBOX 360 as it is on the PC.