Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday Links: March 11

Conan showing Apple's new marketing video. [link]

A touching video about an 86 year old WWII veteran sniper being honored. Turns out he's still a crack shot whether using a replica of his old gun or the latest and greatest. [link]

Punishment housing in prison for military WikiLeaker. [link]

New Hampshire Republicans trying to prevent college students from voting. [link]

I Could Pee On This - poems by cats. [link]

Soviet space capsule for auction. Dog not included. [link]

By Mike Huckabee's thinking my parents can't get married. I mean who wants to think about their parents' closed door activities? [link]

Bad for evidence collection, but you can bet these data drives will be popular among government agencies protecting top secret or simply criminal behavior. [link]

Make the show host shut the hell up. Still, listening to Shatner giving Discovery a sort of send off was more touching than I expected. [link]

A series of paintings with messages. [link]

Android users beware of these apps. They are being resold with malware installed. [link]

Wooden binary calculator. [link]

MS Paint for Windows 7 played as sound. [link] [the remix]

An animation of the ISS being assembled. [link]

Image: Read FASTER! [link]

Super Mario Brothers with updated sound effects.

Just Dance as performed by the Fallout: New Vegas dancers.

HP Lovecraft: mathematics substitute. [link]

Game: Transmover new generation. You'll figure it out. [link]

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