Monday, March 07, 2011

Esperanza Spalding

Yummy's brother got us tickets to the sold out Esperanza Spalding show in Frederick, MD Friday night. I was unfamiliar with her or her work before this. Obviously, I don't watch the Grammies. From what I've seen online most people are familiar with her because of the outrage by fans of that Bieber girl for best new artist. What impresses me more is that at age 23 she was a professor at ... wait, Berklee? Not Berkeley? The Berklee College of Music. Still, impressive, just not quite as impressive as I was thinking.

Anyway, here's one of her videos. I recommend you search for some others.

After the concert we went looking for somewhere to get something to eat. The area around The Weinberg Center for the Arts has lot of restaurants and bars. They didn't seem to be interested in doing business, however. We checked several places and they had cover charges for DJs that didn't seem to be more than a guy with an iPod and a genre in mind. The kitchen were all but closed. The place we landed still had appetizers and things that could go in a frier, but stuff off the grill was off the menu.

Frederick was struggling to roll up the sidewalks, but they had people like us going around and hitting the sidewalk crew with sticks and shouting "STOP! Put down that sidewalk, dammit! We're using that! GET BACK!"

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