Friday, March 04, 2011

Friday Links: March 4

If HP Lovecraft were a gardener. [link]
A very expensive, but very nifty video gaming chair. [link]

I don't normally spend long on the sites of artists, but I enjoyed this guy's stuff. Might even use his patterns to line Yummy's new cabinet. [link]

The White House and DOJ will no longer be defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court. [link]

Trails of Tarnation: Black Coffee - stick with it. I almost turned it off several times, but liked the ending. [link]

Camping in a volcano. [link]

Quotes from lesser Transformers. [link]

This quote came up in conversation the other day.
But I credited it to Duke Nukem.

And then this trailer came out.
Sorry, but we've seen trailers before. Until it's on the shelves it's still Duke Nukem: Whenever.

How to beat Watson at Jeopardy. [link]

Step 1 of the Chinese uprising. [link]

Toccatta and Fugue in D minor played on floppy drives.

Best of Canstruction this year. [link]

Strange known Windows bug. [link]

More ammo for the Terminators.

The last known American WWI vet dies. [link]

How to make a Pokebra. [link]

Man almost manages to foreclose on a bank.

Political ideologies represented with cows. Yes, we got it in an e-mail in 1995, but they've refined it since then. [link]

There's a new Thundercats cartoon coming. Looks like it doesn't suck.

If steampunk is too dated for your tastes you can try decorating with something more modern. [link]

Stephen Fry was in DC last week and dressed as a Klingon. [link]

New Simon's Cat.

It started as a joke, but here's a fleshed out version of the book "Goodnight Dune". [link]

Game: Name the movie from the silhouette of an item from the movie. Plays like hangman [link]

Lamps that you might expect from Agatha Heterodyne. [link]

A guy starts with DOS 5.0, installs Windows 1 and runs nearly every Windows update through Windows 7. Possibly only interesting to us older geeks. He tests the differences by installing DOS games and setting some colors and checks to see if they remain and run from version to version.

Teeny homes. [link]

Nifty pics from the Google car. [link]

Freaky walking cactus fossil found in China. [link]

Video of a team of horses pulling a semi out of the snow. [link]

Nifty personal "submarine" prototype. [link]

New York smokers growing their own. [link]

Why computer nerds don't date much (in theory). [link]

repost: Ant spiral

What's the difference between the Tea Party and the Taliban. [link]

The recent Discovery launch seen from a plane.

I don't care if steampunk is dying as a fashion, this house will always be awesome. [link]
This may be a repost, too.

George Carlin put to an autotuner.

Videos of wonderfully engineered moving sculptures. [link]

Dr Who fan service:
The 2011 Dr Who swimsuit calendar now available for free download. Sorry, no Amy Pond. [link]

Continuing memorial to The Brigadier. [link]

And I'm so far from finished with this weeks links.

Somehow these escaped from last week:
The alleged original recipe for Coke. [link]

A fan made trailer for The Avengers using clips from the buildup movies and trailers.

A sad piece about a mummy and the human he falls in love with.

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