Monday, March 28, 2011


After living less than a mile from it for nine years I finally went to a concert at "Black Cat". Yummy's brother used to be an avid concert goer and has recently rediscovered his concert going side. Yummy and I have started attending with him.

Last Friday there was a sold out show with several bands I hadn't heard of. They could be quite famous, but I'm pretty disconnected. As the neighbor kids once asked "don't you have any music from THIS century?"

The opening act was "The Lonely Forest". They're three guitarists and a drummer and aren't at all whiney. They were fairly relaxed and seemed to be having a good time on stage. But they were loud. I kept wanting to grab a beer from someone's hand and put it on the floor to watch it vibrate. I can see how it might have been like dropping Mentos in Diet Coke if I did so.
The lead singer looks like he should be starring in films with Michael Cera. The drummer looks like he might have been Hurley's stunt double in "Lost".

They were followed by "Mona". Another three guitarists and a drummer. This was their first time in DC and they were a bit more uptight. They were trying to be cool rather than have fun. Two of the guitarists looked like they needed a pack of cigarettes rolled up in their sleeves. The lead singer reminds me of my friend Randall. One of the guitarists looks like he could have made the final cut for the male lead in "Twilight". The drummer reminded Yummy of Gort from the original "The Day The Earth Stood Still".

Between bands we were debating whether on of the stage hands looked more like a young Neil Gaiman or Robert Smith from "The Cure".

By the time the main act, "The Joy Formidable", came on the place was packed. Much time was spent avoiding elbows and making sure I still had my wallet.
Only two guitars and a drummer this time. Also the only band with a girl. She was a bit scary though. If she made faces like that at her therapist she'd have to be committed for her own safety and the safety of others.
The drummer looked like a young Weird Al.

All the bands were loud. I have no problem with that. They're supposed to be. But the noise level made it hard to hear the music. Did that make sense? I couldn't enjoy the music because the volume was so loud I couldn't make out the music. They sound better on CD or in the music videos I've embedded above.

Now listen to the videos above. Hear the difference between "The Joy Formidable" and the previous two? There's a lot more going on. All that extra activity at concert volume was painful for Yummy and we left early.

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