Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sleepin in

Since I've been working from home I've not dealt with the alarm clock too much. What good does it do to start work at 7:00 if I have to take a nap a few hours later? If I just sleep in I'll get the work done at the same time and do a better job.

This last weekend I spent working our booth at a pediatric medicine convention. I started pulling hours like I'm gonna have to once I start working. I tried going to bed early to compensate, but did a very bad job of it. So I'd go to the convention with something like four hours of sleep. But now I'm trying to catch up and am sleeping until around 1:30 in the afternoon. That's why the post is so late. I've just finished the shower and breakfast routine.

Not that I should have been at the convention at all. Bruce was supposed to do it. It's the one thing that he still can do right. Instead he went to Florida for two weeks. When he asked for the time off nobody bothered to check the calendar. It was assumed that having agreed to go to the convention he wouldn't skip out. There was lots of "But [the managing editor] said I could go!" Yeah, just like that tone of voice you read it in. Like a spoiled kid.

Then he didn't even get to leave on his trip on time. He'd screwed up the displays bad enough for this and some other out of town event that he was forced to stay in town a few extra days to fix it. At least they held him to that level of responsibility.

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