Thursday, February 10, 2011


While you lot were sodding off yesterday I was getting my car's back end adjusted. It wasn't planned. It wasn't even voluntary. It was, however, not as bad as what happened to the other guy's car.

So I'm going up Connecticut Avenue toward the Beltway. This would be the Beltway referred to when someone talks about inside the beltway thinking (i.e. the thinking of Congress peoples). As I approach the first exit traffic comes to a very sudden stop. I found out later that it was a car wreck. I came down hard on the brakes1 and came just short of the car ahead of me. The guy behind me wasn't so lucky. He hit me.

An off duty police officer was there and he called in for a not off duty police officer. She took our information, gave a copy to each of us, and got a tow truck for the other guy's car. I offered the guy a ride to work since he clearly wasn't getting there in his car. He turned me down. He was getting towed to a repair place near his office.

The people whose driveway we ended up blocking let me pull in there and get out of traffic. Apparently this happens a lot. They get a constant stream of squealing brakes as people getting off the beltway meet people getting on the beltway.

I drove up some distance and turned around to head home. There was another accident on the other side of the beltway in the traffic heading IN to DC. A very popular area for fender benders, it seems.

I'm fine. Car's a bit bruised, but fine. He's at fault so his people will fix it. And got a $130 fine, too.

I didn't make the staff meeting.

1I still don't know if the car would have caught it if I hadn't. It's supposed to. I just can't bring myself to test it.

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