Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Links: February 25

A lesson for fans of first person shooter video games.

Doctor Who fan service:
British actor Nicholas Courtney passed away Tuesday evening. Some of my readers know him better as Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart. [link]

Dr Who coffee menu. [link]

Meat eating clocks. Be sure to watch the video. [link] [more]
It occurs to me that they should be able to make it work with cat poop. Just give it one of those self cleaning litter boxes.

A Dilbert cartoon come to life. [link]

Nifty special effects for a stage.

I'm liking the bit of art at the top of this page. [link]

Even this vampire flick looks better than anything from the Twilight series.

Trailer for "Apollo 18".

Picture: World's teeniest fish tank. [link]

The RoboCop statue in Detroit... it's gonna happen. [link]

Nathan Fillion would buy the rights to Firefly and revive the series if he could afford it. [link]

Sigourney Weaver talks about the John Hurt Moment in Alien and they try to reproduce it.

Video: The Saga of Biorn - an elderly Viking tries to die in battle so he can go to Valhalla. [link]

Nice, but depressing. It's a home for alcoholics to drink themselves to death. [link]

Nifty geological wonders. Number 12 has been on my Bucket List most of my life. [link]

Video: 500 people each tracing the line the previous person drew. [link]

Hundreds of overlapping tourist photos of the same place. [link]

Video: Controversial magic trick. [link]

The Phelps family taunts "Anonymous". [link]
They should consider it brought. [link]

My summer job. [link]

Video: A remote controlled airplane playing chicken with wind turbines. [link]

Macaques have more self awareness than many people. [link]

ET 2: Extinction - the first visit was research. The second will be for colonization.

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