Monday, February 14, 2011

Movie review: The Rite

I came up with some other ideas for today's post this weekend and on the way home. They're all gone now, so you have to read about this movie instead.

This trailer is the scariest part of the movie. It tries to sell the movie as an exorcism movie when it's more of a young priest struggling to find his faith. When you go expecting something with big scary exorcisms you'll leave disappointed.

A young man goes to school to become a priest because of family obligations. His faith is nonexistent. After four years of priest college he's ready to drop out because he still has no faith. They sent him to hang out with Anthony Hopkins: Exorcist to try to give him something to shore up his faith. It's too bad that he was also a psychology major. The exorcisms aren't like in "The Exorcist" or "Constantine". They're super easy to think of as just a psychological disorder or side effects of pregnancy or both. That's what the young priest thinks these people are suffering from. And your personal beliefs will influence how you view much of the movie. I think one of them Hopkins comes to believe really was a psychological disorder after the patient died.

The best part comes late in the movie when Anthony Hopkins' character get's possessed. It's the most convincing possession of the whole movie and he does it well.

I saw it at a matinee. A $9.00 matinee. That blows. Kinda wish I hadn't seen it. I'd be happier with it at $4. Will not get on DVD.

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