Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Links: February 11

Art made by painting many panes of glass and stacking them. [link]
There's something similar hanging in the National Museum of Health and Medicine. Someone took frames from her MRI and painted them on plastic sheets. All hung together you get a 3D model of her body.

Monolith painted like "2001: A Space Odyssey" VHS cassette. [link]

Microsoft is losing HOW much online? [link]
Just wait until you see how the Chrome netbook knocks the legs out from under Windows. Then you'll really see losses.

I want one of these to live in. [link]

Short version: set up a tax that increases but only if the global weather increases.
Long version: [link]

I said SMILE dammit! [link]

22 uses for old Altoid tins. [link]

For those of you who don't know who Brad Bird is.

George Bush may have canceled a trip to Switzerland for fear of being hauled before a war crimes tribunal. [link]

Title suggestions for Bristol Palin's "memoir". [link]
Coming soon from Cracker Jack Prize Press.

Picture: Steampunk EtchASketch. [link]

Reviews of the Spiderman musical set to music.

But lets hear it from Jay Sherman of "The Critic".

Dr Who Fan Service:
Picture: Dr. Who infographic. [link]

Dead or alive, we're not making that statue. [link]

Short Superman fan film. [link]

Storyboard animation for a proposed "Wicked" animated musical. [link]

Making of the new Old Spice commercial. [link]

Sleepy cat.

Guns for vibrators. [link]

My god. It's full of keys. [link]

Arseload of Star Trek bridges. [link]

I'd totally live here. [link]

This person rules and you need to start reading her archives. [link]

Top picture: I want. [link]

I'm contemplating this map of Central Park for the long flat space over my stairs. [link]

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