Thursday, February 24, 2011

Movie review: Unknown

I was a bit dubious about "Unknown". Just from the trailer it seems like a lot of other action/suspense movies out there. But I rather liked it. I probably won't get it on DVD, but I'd recommend seeing it.

The lead character and a cute blonde come to Germany for a conference. But his briefcase gets left at the airport. He turns around and goes back for it, but on the way the cab goes off a bridge and into a river. It's remarkable what shit construction goes on in movie guardrails. When he wakes up 4 days later he has a bit of memory loss, but knows he needs to get to his wife and the conference. When he gets there she seems not to know who he is. In fact there's another guy there with his ID, memories, wife, etc.

He starts to investigate and starts to believe that he really does just have some brain damage when someone starts following him and killing people. Kind of a giveaway that there really is a plot against you. As he starts to work things out he sees that someone must be trying to kill some Middle Eastern oil type person who will be at the conference. He may not know what's going on, but he has to stop the assassination.

The story is well told, for the most part. The reason someone else seems to be Liam Neeson turns out to be unique. We didn't see it coming. But the twist didn't have the impact that it could have had.

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