Monday, February 07, 2011

Freak out

Yummy has a cat. For future reference I shall call him "The Claw". See, The Claw likes to hop up on the bed in the middle of the night and pat your face so you'll get up and feed him. If you ignore him he'll put his paw between your eyebrows and extend a single claw.

The Claw has made the transition to the new apartment fairly well. But he doesn't travel well so we spend more of our weekends at her new apartment than at mine.

This morning I was loading up the car to go home; Yummy already on her way to work. I took down my coat and two bags and went back upstairs for Gandolf. As I turned to leave I realized that the creature count was short by one animal. Oliver Queen was in his cage, Gandolf was on her portable perch, The Claw was... aw, shit... nowhere to be seen.

The apartment door is open. Look out in the stairwell. Nothing. Close the door.

Where else could he be?
He likes under the bed. Nothing. Not even dust bunnies yet.
Bedroom closet? Nope.
Check the empty boxes. All clear.
Under the rocking chair? In the coat closet? In the cabinet Yummy is stripping? Bathroom? The kitchen. In the new cart? On? Under? Behind the fridge? CRAP!

Did I leave the door open when I took bags down? I don't recall. Out in the stairwell again. So far he doesn't have the nerve to get past the second floor landing and that's with someone watching him. Would he really have followed me down that far? No. Check anyway. I did leave the front door open. Did he follow me outside? No. Not yet. Check again in the spring, though.

Back upstairs.

Repeat all the hiding spots in the apartment.

I'm a bit panicked at this point. I'm about 30 second from calling Yummy and telling her to come back and help me look. She's only about 15 minutes out.

As I turned to leave the kitchen and get my phone I found this.
Just chilling on top of the fridge and wondering what I'm freaking out about.

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GreenCanary said...

Oh yeah. That's The Claw, all right. Just chillaxin', doing his thing, and wreaking havoc everywhere he goes. I LOVE THAT CRAZY CAT!