Tuesday, February 01, 2011

I'd invest with this company.

Written by my friend Phong3D and reposted here with his permission.

The Super Bowl Investment Ad I Want To See

(Third quarter, Packers first down, 60 second commercial break)...


Montage of beautifully shot, bucolic scenes - children playing, dogs fetching, lovers running hand-in-hand down a dock.


"Life has a way of sneaking up on you. The world seems to move fast and slow at a pace that we can only begin to comprehend. Sometimes the best we can do is focus on what's important. Family. Dreams. The fullness of life in all its riches.

Retirement is your reward. A life well-lived and a time well-earned. Here at Morgan Stanley, we can help guide you on that path. Help ensure that your life, and the greatest years yet to come, are as wonderful as they can be.

Why choose Morgan Stanley? Because we care about you. About your concerns, your family and your dreams. And, in contrast, Merrill Lynch..."

SMASH CUT - Skybox suite at Superbowl full of ML EVPs with escorts/trophy wives laughing it up

"... just spent $700,000 in TARP funds to rent a 400 square foot room for 2 hours and are drinking all the free champagne and lobster they can get their hands on while you sit in your basement and double-fist Coors and Fritos. Seriously."

"Merrill Lynch: Fuck Those Guys. Morgan Stanley's Got Your Back."


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