Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Links: February 18

Game: Kamikaze Blocks - Knock the piles of blocks off the screen. [link]

Uwe Boll doesn't understand that he has to pay people to see his movies. [link]

Why you set off firework really high.

The plural of dwarf: dwarfs, dwarves, or dwarrows? [link]

Proposed urban CO2 filters look like props from "Earth: The Final Conflict". [link]

Dr Who fan service.
Visual pun. [link]

The Dalek's arch nemesis. [link]

A spoof of "The End of Time" (David Tennant's final episode).
Part 1

Part 2

This is why your plan for a paint bomb won't work. You can't just toss one into a room and have an instant paint job.

Pluto may be gone, but there may still be a 9th planet. [link]
I'm not buying it, but not for the reasons in the article. Would we really have found planets this size orbiting distant stars, but not orbiting ours? Still... I hope it's there.

This is much closer to what a space station or space craft should look like. [link]

Some guy kayaked the Atlantic. [link]

Fish fight video. [link]

Very polite robber. [link]

Domesticated Moosen. Mooseii? Moose. [link]
Be sure to watch the video of the moose playing in a sprinkler.

Nifty web cam cover. [link]

Snow monster. [link]

Proposed bill in South Dakota has the potential to make it legal to kill abortion providers. [link]

The Three Stooges in "The A Team".

Another video telling part of the story of the DC Universe Online game.

How to build your own telepresense robot. [link]

Game: Icy Gifts - a chain reaction game. With only one shot can you set off a chain reaction to clear all the gifts from the screen? [link]

The appearance of the computer on Jeopardy! happened. This NPR article tells how Watson thinks. [link]
If anyone knows where I can find those episodes online let me know so I can watch them.

This song has been in my head all week.

Make flowers glow under a black light.

Quick and easy room redecorating with a well placed projector or two. [link]

Hamster paradise. [link]

Letters from Muppet people. [link]

An article about slow walkers and sidewalk rage. [link]
I don't barge through, but I do get pissed at people who block halls and sidewalks. Believe me, if I could go around these people I would.


Benny Hinn, popular faith healer, is really a sith lord.

Don't you ever interrupt me while I'm reading a book!

Positive stories from Egypt. [link]

Article: Religion - the ultimate tyranny. [link]

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