Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Movie Review: Iron Sky

My fellow internet citizens may have heard of this movie a few times over the last three or so years. For you I give you this link to find a showing in your area. [link]

Mind you, that link is only good for those of us in the United States. People in other countries may have better luck with http://www.ironsky.net/.

For those of you who haven't heard of Iron Sky before, let me introduce you.

These trailers came first. Back then they were trying to raise money to finish the film. They got you pumped! FUCK YEAH I WANNA SEE THIS MOVIE!

I got a bit worried by this trailer. They were making it a comedy? And it didn't come off in the trailer as a very good comedy.

I guess they didn't find a distributor in the United States. Thus, the only showings I know of you have to get tickets for through that Tugg.com link. Somebody has to organize a showing. That person could be you.

Luckily, DC Geeks organized a showing Friday night. I was there. AND THIS MOVIE WAS AWESOME! At first the comedy bit seemed awkward. Particularly the extra black talking black man as an astronaut. But, then you get into the flow of the movie and that goes away. They managed to blend action and spoof and pull off both beautifully. As you can see from the early trailers the special effects weren't anything to poke fun at. Particularly for a fan funded movie.

I will get this on DVD when it comes out. When that will be I have no idea. If you can see it in the theater I recommend it. Due to the nature of the distribution method you're guaranteed to be there with people who are psyched about this movie.


Anonymous said...

Iron Sky - E Street Cinema (for Midnight Madness) Sept 7th & 8th

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