Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Book Review: WWW: Wonder

It's late and I'm having trouble caring. So this will be a bit short.

WWW: Wonder is the third part of the latest trilogy by Robert J. Sawyer. Long time readers know that I read everything this guy puts out. He's awesome like that. And I guess other people must do the same. Every book in this trilogy I couldn't find until a year after the release. I couldn't find the first book until the second came out. I couldn't find the second until the third came out. It was at least a year after it's release that I found this book.

The series is about an artificial intelligence that arose on the internet. In the first book this happened. In the second book this happened
. In the third book Webmind has gone public. It holds hundreds of thousands of simultaneous chat sessions around the world, pieces together the research of several scientists to cure cancer and solve other problems, it calls the President to talk about why the White House tried to kill Webmind, it goes before the UN to give a speech, and things like that. One military mind at the White House still wants Webmind dead, though. He goes on a campaign to recruit the best hackers, but when they start to vanish he assumes that Webmind is killing them off and releases the vulnerabilities to the world.
It was a good book and I liked it. It just ended in such a way that I'm expecting a fourth book. I don't think there will be. It just seems like it should be ongoing.

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