Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Links: August 10

A short TED talk by a guy who created a fusion reactor in his garage. [link] A wordy article about the hovels of lots of different castaways. [link]

If you put other planets in orbit of Earth in the same orbit as the moon, what would they look like?

The story of the how Graphing Calculator was written by people Apple had fired. [link]

A video of a guy making a bike out of cardboard. [link]

A proper spider chart and a more realistic spider chart. [link]

A labyrinth made of 250,000 books. [link]

A bad ass who pronounced his own death. [link]

A birthday party with The Avengers. [link]
That story is based off of a Memo From Fury. [link]

A fish photographed at the cellular level. An ENTIRE fish. [link]

The internet's reaction to the Mars rover landing. [link]
Also... [link]

Google's self driving car has reached 300,000 miles without an accident. [link]

Richard Dawkins is not a Mitt Romney fan. [link]

Fictional product placement that ties together various TV shows. [link]

Quick bullet point summaries of various Terms of Service. [link]

Joss Whedon is spoken for through June 2015. He's writing and directing The Avengers 2 and help develop some Marvel TV series. [link]

Luke should have died inside that tauntaun. [link]

Someone used the Source Film Maker to remake the rescue of Morpheus from The Matrix.

A counting song that turns dark after about 30 seconds.

Simon's Cat has Olympics fever.

Because of the drought, more of the US is disaster areas than isn't. [link]

Lego compatible weaponry. [link]

Christopher Eccleston to play the villain in the next Thor movie. [link]

There used to be Olympic medals for Art. [link]
Could be interesting to bring back. Summer games, winter games, and artistic games.

Some campers were rescued from a pack of coyotes. [link]
Really? Because my brother's dachshund drove off a pack of coyotes from his yard. Gave the alpha dog a bloody nose.

Do NOT run over a cop's foot. [link]

Some guy cashed a promotional check. The bank took it. Much, much later they realized their mistake. [link]

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