Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Links: August 17

These glasses turn the lights in the room off when the wearer blinks. In theory the wearer will think they're broken since they can't see the lights when they're off. [link]

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has called on government contractors to layoff personnel just before the election. [link] This is yet another reason why I think Republican politicians operating at the federal level are scum. There's some good ones working in some states, but I don't know of any working at the federal level.

Lets turn now from driving the economy off a cliff to walking into poles and glass doors.

Romney has the single most deceptive campaign ad in televised campaign ad history. [link]

Floating volcanic rocks. [link]

A Louisiana school is forcing out students who refuse to take pregnancy tests. [link]

The Scientology prison. [link]

Steve Wozniak prints his own money. Literally. [link]

Ecuador has granted asylum to Julian Assange. So he's stuck in their embassy in England. [link]

An fund raiser to build a Tesla Museum on the site of his Wardenclyff Tower. [link]

How the lizard became the snake via a series of transition species. [link]

A doctor that took notes while overdosing from cocaine. [link]

A homemade centrifuge that tests if lava lamps would work on Jupiter. [link]

Military version of The Onion. [link]

Back yard kiddie roller coaster made of PVC.

Another Scientology insider spills the beans, with early emphasis on Tom Cruise. [link]

Alien skull replica. [link]
That's roughly US$860.

Bunches of free stuff. [link]

After Aperture - the immediate aftermath of Portal 2.

Julia Child would have turned 100 this week. Someone made this tribute music video in honor of the occasion.

The story of Progressive defending a killer in court against the person Progressive insured. [link]
I'm sure every insurance company has some reason to make us dislike them, but this one is pretty horrible.


Home made record for an old Fisher Price record player.

And a how-to make your own. [link]

Is "Like"ing people free speech? [link]

Sprinter breaks his leg mid-race and keeps going. [link]

House Speaker John Boehner says Obama is avoiding personal responsibility for the drought. [link]

Why is [state] so [adjective]? [link]

Parkour doggie!

Photographic evidence of what cats do all day. [link]

Pictures from the deep sea recovery of a spy satellite. [link]

A guy goes fishing with a digital camera in a torpedo case. Instead of footage of him fishing he got a pod of dolphins. [link]

A US Powerball simulator. Shows just how bad the odds are. [link]

This looks like my attic. [link]

People giving their Eagle Scout badges back to the Boy Scouts. [link]
I was a scout, but never made it to Eagle. If I had I'd be on this page, too.

Another step forward in the development of a Tricorder. [link]

What's up with all that tape we saw being worn during the Olympics. [link]

A letter about an unauthorized beaver dam and the response. [link]

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