Monday, August 06, 2012

Gandolf and the TV Quotes

We were watching "The Muppets". Gandolf got very interested in the beginning and then started to tune out. But when Tex Richman started saying "maniacal laugh. Maniacal Laugh!" Gandolf started laughing evilly.

Later in the movie, Kermit is walking along all depressed. His plans are a failure. Gandolf tells him "It'll be alright."

We were watching the American version of Being Human. After the queen of the vampires killed her daughter the vampire main character yells "Now you have to live with what you've done!" Gandolf yelled back at the screen "YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH WHAT YOU'VE DONE!"

We were watching a cartoon based on the African superhero Black Panther. Some white guys are using hired black labor to move supplies. As they reach the border of Wakanda (Black Panther's country) the white guys all run like hell. The team leader insists that he'll make the Wakandans learn the true meaning of fear. Gandolf says "Well that's never good."

During Beakman's World she kept making sound effects.

We're watching a zombie movie. It's near the end. There has just been a big zombie attack. People are dead, the survivors are all messed up and need to hold onto each other to walk. Gandolf says "No big deal."

We just started the pilot episode of "Alcatraz". The guards are walking the empty prison.
Guard - "Where is everyone?"
Gandolf - "Shotgun control. AHAHAHAHAHAHAH!"

You may recall her seeing a cartoon Clark Kent tear open his shirt and yelling "Soo'erman!" Well, while watching "Xmen: First Class" we got to the scene with Prof X and Magneto approaching Hugh Jackman in a bar. Gandolf moved her head forward a bit, pointed an eye at the screen, and said "woo?". Yeah, you could hear the question mark at the end. She recognized Wolverine.

While watching "There Will Be Blood" there's a bit where someone goes deaf. He's struggling and thrashing against people who are trying to help. People are telling him to "hold still" and "stop that". Gandolf starts telling him "Don't!"

We were watching the pilot of The Big Bang Theory and Gandolf wasn't impressed. She was quiet the whole time. As soon as it was over she goes "shit". But you should hear her laugh her ass off at reruns of Cheers.

After a whole bunch of episodes of The Incredible Hulk she started singing along to the opening theme. She started dancing to the opening theme to Star Trek: Enterprise after a couple of seasons. I considered giving her away after that. Good show, CRAP THEME!

In this episode of Smallville Lex has been exposed to a canister of gas and is coughing. Gandolf started coughing along.

Gandolf watches a lot of TV and movies with me (obviously). I didn't realize how narrow her field of exposure has been. We're watching some lame movie about the underdog sports team who comes back to win and get the scholarship. The other team has spent the whole movie getting team members to drop out for work or better opportunities or sex or blackmail or whatever. But at the end of the movie they tried to get rid of the guy that's been motivating the former mascot who has come up to lead the team. He shows up late and everyone, including Gandolf, thinks he's not coming. So when he shows up Gandolf gets all excited.

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