Friday, August 31, 2012

Friday Links: August 24/31

I spent Thursday carrying heavy things down two flights of stairs, loading them in a car, and then going back upstairs for 14 hours. I'm not sure my feet are going to support me Friday.

Favorite recipes of some famous authors. Mostly I just want to try the brownie recipe. [link]

British woman finds out how much bits of her would sell for. [link]

Coke and Pepsi are paying schools HOW MUCH!?! My high school just got a new scoreboard. [link]

Jodi Foster asks that child actors be exempt from the paparazzi horror. [link]

Tobacco companies lose against the new Australian tobacco labeling laws. [link]

An article about misquotations. [link]

How to make a -ahem- Giger counter. [link]

The Curiosity Rover Team did a bit on Reddit. [short version] [long version]

A slow, but functioning, Victorian car house. [link]

An attempt at a fridge free kitchen. [link]

14 horrible "facts" that Louisiana private schools are likely to start teaching. [link]

One of the Curiosity rover's creators tries to capture the feeling of everything working.

We're NASA and We Know It

What we know about immigration from Mexico is wrong. [link]

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James Breakwell said...

So according to creationists dragons are real but complex math isn't. Christian high school sounds pretty fun, other than the whole going to hell for touching a girl outside of marriage thing.