Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sod Off Wednesday: May 23

Yesterday my car was parked on a street scheduled for street cleaning. The city was fully justified in telling me to sod off and put a ticket on my car.

Yesterday my car was towed. Sod off DMV.

After an hour in the phone system (multiple calls. Still, sod off DMV phone system) I talked to a person. He told me they'd moved my car around the corner instead of an impound lot. Thanks for not impounding my car. Still, towing was an overreaction. And the guy who just got ticketed and not towed went from fury for being ticketed to feeling pretty good about his day when I told him my car was gone.

When I went online to pay my ticket I found out that it would take 20 days for my ticket to appear on the website. Sod off

I also found out that there were four tickets that I knew nothing about. Did I deserve them? Totally. But I do feel that there's a certain obligation to let me know I have parking tickets. Like the time they e-mailed me. Baltimore has no hesitation about telling you. Ticket? Yeah. On the window and in the mail. Baltimore wants their fucking money. But the DC DMV needs to get their shit in gear or sod off.

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