Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Links: May 11

At a recent geek convention in Calgary they had the cast of Star Trek: TNG together for a 25th anniversary thing. In this video from that convention Wil Wheaton makes you tear up a bit.

Using camera technology similar to that used for the "bullet time" shots in "The Matrix", these people did some light painting. [link]

How to build a laser Zippo lighter. [link] [video]

What happens if you stick your hand in the beam of the LHC?

A TARDIS shawl complete with instructions. [link]

Avengers themed eye make-up. [link]

A chemist's tea set. [link]

The designer of the Hitler's Volkswagon was a Jew. [link]

A cat with backwards legs gets them surgically corrected.
WARNING: Animal lovers may be horrified by the picture and video. [link]

Pictures of an octopus killing and eating a seagull. [link]

Real world inspiration for some Simpsons characters. [link]

Greatest Craigslist car ad ever. [link]

Plant/animal hybrids. [link]

Power has effects similar to cocaine. [link]

The new World Trade Center isn't done, but it is once again the tallest building in New York City. As one cartoonist said "It's a shame Bin Laden couldn't be here to see this."
Here's some pictures of the construction. [link]

Tennessee has piled idiocy on top of idiocy by adding a "gateway sexual activity" bill on top of their horrible failure of an abstinence-based sex ed program. [link]

A motorcycle washed out to sea by the tsunami that hit Japan turned up on the shore of British Columbia and was returned to it's owner. [link]

Temporary e-mail addresses. [link]

Hillary Clinton was offered a cameo in "The Muppets". Here's the letter she wrote to turn it down. [link]

If realists were in charge of US foreign policy. [link]

How to detect useless political articles. [link]

How to repair books. [link]

In 1989 an address appeared in a Spiderman comic that was supposed to be the home of Peter Parker and his Aunt May. There are actual Parkers living in that house. There's an Osborne living next door. [link]

You can make shopping carts lock up with your car stereo. [link]

Stephen King article - Tax Me for F*** Sake. [link]

The Pentagon pulled it's support from The Avengers because Marvel couldn't point to where SHIELD belonged in the chain of command. [link]

The author of "Where The Wild Things Are" passed away. [link]

An excuse to get a signet ring. [link]

Let's just say it: The Republicans are the problem. [link]

A safety pin memory stick. [link]

Despite recent research honeybees colonies are still dying. [link]

America's economic suicide. It's long. I haven't finished it yet. [link]

31 uses for beer. [link]

The great aurora storm of 1859. It allowed the telegraph system to work for two hours without batteries. [link]

A driving test that requires texting while driving.

Name a style of music you hate and someone has to find a song to change your mind. Hopefully I'll get to listen to the country section soon. [link]

Shipping container homes. [link]

Abbey Road webcam. [link]

Make your own concrete planter molds from stuff in your recycling bin. [link]

It's a ... a ... thing.

More evidence of water found on Mars. Ancient water. Not terribly exciting really. Other than to say settlers will be able to use the gypsum to make their own sheetrock. [link]

Trippy. [link]

A 3D print of one of the Portal 2 multi-player characters. [link]

These are your kids on books. [link]

Cat vs fish.

If I Were A Core (parody of "If I Were A Boy" which I've never heard)

David Tennant has to light the Olympic torch. To save time, of course! [link]

A fingernail bruise growing out. [link]

A guy using a lathe to turn a jawbreaker into a shot glass.

Justice League toy movie trailer.

Live action Skyrim short film.

Oh, thank god. I thought I'd never get through all that.

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