Monday, May 21, 2012

Et cet ter uh



You can't sit cross legged on the couch for five hours straight without regretting it afterward. Well, at least I can't. Not anymore. I'm sure the four hours of doing the same thing before that didn't help. There was a supper break in there. With walking.

So, productive weekend. I stayed home this weekend. I finished reading a book that I'll tell you about soon, and made a lot of progress on another book.

Probably about two years of comic books got sorted and bagged and boxed and removed from my bedroom and added to the mass in the attic that will some day squish me flat.

And I talked to a homeless guy at Starbucks. Not the one in the wizzard hat who kept making grunts and moans and chuckles and was really freaking Gandolf out. No, the other one who seemed totally lucid until you realized what he was talking about. We had a nice chat, well, he had a nice chat and I had a nice smile and nod and "yep" at the right places. I didn't feel that I could add much to the discussion about the relative merits of alien spaceship drives. But I felt I contributed nicely when talking about 8 dimensional FTL drives.

And then I spent about nine hours working on a wedding gift for Der Muffinmann. Hey, Muffin, you don't have an allergy to week old mayonnaise substitute, do you? How about if the substitute is something I found growing under the house? Is sandwich spread supposed to speak?

Question for the masses:
Yummy and I and a bunch of people with chromosomes that resemble mine if you turn your head and squint are going to be in St. Louis next week. On our list of places to hit are the City Museum, the Anheuser-Busch brewery tour, and those claustrophobic washing machine tumbler things that get you to the top of the St. Louis Arch. What else would you add to the list?

Don't forget Mimi the cat. It needs a home.


phynngrrl said...

They have a well known arboretum, sculpture gardens and urban gardens (Citygarden), as well as a science center.

Der_Muffinman2 said...

The botanical garden has a corpse flower that is blooming, although I'm not sure how long it will last. There will be concerts and sporting events and such.

There will be Blues music at Soldier's Memorial near the hotel. Busch stadium is worth a look even if you don't want to see a Cardinal's baseball game.

The wedding is on The Hill, which is the Italian area. There is a nice coffee shop called Shaw Coffee and an awesome bakery Missouri Baking Company near St. Ambrose church. You can go anywhere for lunch. It's all good, but we like Adriana's best. Milo's would be a good bet too. Maybe play some Bocce.

Near the reception in Soulard they have a nice Farmer's Market that you might enjoy, among lots of restaurants and bars.

The City Museum is a ton of fun if you like running, jumping, crawling, climbing, and sliding.

The Loop (Delmar) features a college atmosphere with concert venues, lots of food and bars, shops, an old movie theater, and Blueberry Hill.

Forest Park is huge with many things to see and do. Including the zoo, the jewelbox, the muny, the world's fair pavilion is picturesque, the boat house, art museum has The Water Lilies, and the history museum. Oh, and Shakespeare in the Park is starting that weekend with Othello.

While many things are free, they will charge for parking, better seats, or special exhibits.

Der_Muffinman2 said...

Oh! How could I forget? Brewery tours! There are multiple breweries and multiple tours, but the most popular is the AB general brewery tour. They also offer a brewmaster's tour or beer school (for a small fee). There are many great local and micro breweries too: such as Schlafly, Four Hands, Urban Chestnut, Six Row, Morgan Street, Civil Life, Square One, etc.

Magic House is fun, but definately more kid oriented.

I also think there is a butterfly house, but I've never been. The zoo's butterflies are nice enough for me.