Friday, May 25, 2012

Friday Links: May 25

I'm gonna start with some mad props for the Justice Department.
You've heard about places where it's illegal to film cops. The Justice Department has notified police departments in general and the Baltimore PD specifically that interfering with the recording of police officers is unconstitutional. [link]

"Back in Time" from "Back to the Future". [link]
"Back in Time" from "Men in Black III". [link]

The names of The Avengers written in Gallifreyan. [link]
Don't ask me. I don't know why.

A Hebrew scholar explains how some controversial passages of Leviticus actually translate. [link]

When a star forms iron it's pretty much fucked.

The racing mind issue in sleepless nights. [link]

Numbers have upper and lower case. [link]

Donner and Blitzen derived from Donder and Blixen which are German for thunder and lightning. [link]

Jim Cummings, one of the people who voiced Winnie the Pooh, calls sick kids in hospitals in character to cheer them up. [link]

Disney/Pixar owns Marvel. This makes the fact that The Avengers was so good that much more impressive. Of course, that means that over the next 20 years we're going to see 12 more Avengers movies with most of them going straight to video. Anyway, someone realized that Marvel Studios and Pixar both have movies with archers in them. [link]

Better yet, The British Avengers. No, not with Emma Peel! [link]

The first known prank calls. [link]

That Star Wars TV series isn't dead. No, really! So what if it's been in development for years and it'll be at least a few more years before we see an episode. And, apparently, it's not at all the same show originally described. [link]

"Don't go down that road. It's a warzone down there."
"Oh yeah? Then I'll just turn my car into a motorcycle!" [link]

GTA: R2-D2 - I was wondering if it was really worth posting when R2 suddenly became Dragonborn.

In the foreground, a mouthpiece for Rupert Murdock smears the BBC. In the background, well, it appears to be a villain from an original run Doctor Who episode running free.

There is no new sci-fi next season on Fox. Sadly, that's only 1 less than on the SciFi SyFy Channel. [link]

SpaceX has an active mission in orbit to dock with the ISS. That's right, kiddie. America's back in space! If things are going right they'll be docking today. [link]

Nope. Not living there. Not in a totally see through house. In fact I'd think it would only work as an art project using paid actors to live there. [link]

How fast do you read? AND comprehend. There'll be a quiz. [link]

DING! That sound is Google Chrome passing IE as the most used web browser on the internet. [link]

Why aren't cities littered with dead pigeons? WARNING: Page contains disturbing video. [link]

I'm stealing the plans for this room. Anyone mind? [link]

NAACP comes out in favor of same sex marriage. It's probably motivated by a need to counter balance the rather conservative nature of "black" churches in the face of the recent announcement by the black President. Preacher says it's bad. NAACP says fine. Looks like black voters may have to think for themselves on the issue. [link]
You don't have to be comfortable with it. It doesn't affect you.

An analysis of The Avengers and Joss Whedon in regards to character development, story telling, and writing for 4 main characters and several secondary but still important characters. [link]

To wrap things up I want you to jump 6 minutes in to this video. [link]
Having finished "The Avengers" Joss Whedon pulls together a group of his friends and films his next movie entirely at his house. This version of "Much Ado About Nothing" may challenge the Captain Picard/Doctor Who version of "Hamlet" as the most watched Shakespeare adaptation. Release date of ... someday.

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