Friday, May 04, 2012

Friday Links: May 4

Mozart wrote a song called "Lick Me In The Ass". [link]

This guy is going to sky dive from the edge of space. He'll break the sound barrier on the way down. [link]

We've all heard about him. This is the Japanese soldier who kept fighting WWII for 30 years after Japan had surrendered. [link]

6 great crossovers. [link]

Opening today is a story from Marvel Comics Universe 199,999. You know it better as "The Avengers". [link]

An extinct animal has been cloned. Not perfectly, apparently. [link]

Too bad I got an Atari 400 instead of an Atari 2600. With a 2600 I could play Halo. [story] [making of] [flash version of the game]

Mars - where the soil is red and the sunsets are blue. [link]

Google has a mad science lab. [link]

Documentation of the fact that the founding fathers (of the United States) were not christians. [link]

Haven't watched it yet, but here's videos from the White House Correspondents' Dinner. [link]

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